Friends. Family. Parties. Drinks. Life.

Wassup everyone..

Warning – This entry will probably be well over a 1,200 word count. So yea, it’s a long one.

The title for this entry is pretty much what I’ll be writing about. I haven’t been on here in a good minute and I guess that’s good. Means I’m either being busy or lazy. Hah! Before I hit you off like a wall of bricks with total nonsense of endless rants and such, I guess I’ll start off with what’s currently going on in my life now.

At this moment, I’m resting my ass off at home everyday and enjoying unemployment benefits. All I do is go out to party, come home to eat and then sleep. Rinse and repeat. Not much has been going on really. Which sounds pretty bad.. but eh haha. Well okay, I’m not THAT lazy. I’ve been trying to think up of a business name that I want for my t-shirt brand as well as think of a logo. I’ve made a few and thought of some, but nothing solid. The plan is to really get something by next month. However, I HAVE been making random shirts and selling to friends and family. I’m not making much profit off of these t-shirts, but they do keep me busy and it’s just something I enjoy doing.

The very few profits I get from shirt sales, I end up putting it towards drinks or food. Anything left, I put back into my small business I guess haha. I’ve decided not to post anything yet just because I don’t feel confident in the designs. When I have one that I truly feel that I love, I will post on here no doubt.

Now…lets move on.

With the loss of my job, I’ve been able to find time to talk with my cousins more and spend time with them as well. This is something I haven’t done in a long time. I even took a trip down to San Diego to visit some of my cousins and man, it felt great! The family love is definitely there. No matter how long we haven’t seen each other, I was still recognized as family and still loved as family. I love that feeling and am very grateful for that. As I know others have problems with kindling any type of relationships with their family. For me to be isolated from them for so long and to be reconciled without a hassle, it’s great.

Speaking of family, I’ve a new nephew that has been put into this world. His name is Jaxson and was born last week. Very cute kid.. Gets to join his other two brothers, Maddox and Nixon. Can’t wait until they grow up! I’ll definitely be teaching them some basketball. Too bad their father is a LA Clipper fan. -_- My cousin has already donned Jaxson with a Jordan beanie a couple days after he was born LOL. Cute stuff. This also reminds me of one thing I forgot to mention in my previous entry, I forgot to mention that my uncle passed away. This happened around September-ish I believe. I believe his liver was failing him and our family wasn’t able to find a replacement in time. My cousins flew him out to Florida and Texas in hopes of the doctors saying that they could help, but to no avail.

Now, I’m not sure I can say I was close to him, but I definitely was around him from when I was a kid to when I was a teenager. One thing I knew, was that he talked a lot of shit on me haha. For not going to school or working, and always bringing trouble to my mom. Those were during my younger days though, so I wasn’t too sure of what he thought of me then. All I know was, he did give approval of my ex-gf’s haha. Overall, I kind of wish I spent more time with him, but at the same time I don’t.

During the whole funeral weekend, my cousins from Florida, Boston and central-Cali came through. We got to hang out and spend some time together. It was pretty dope. I believe they’re coming down here to SoCal again for another event that is for my uncle. It’s supposed to be 100 days after he passed away, so next month they’ll be here again. Definitely going to have to take them out for some drinks this time around. Plan on getting turnt up with them LOL.

With that said, lets move onto another topic.

Friends..friends oh friends. Man haha. I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, I probably have.. But since my break-up with the long distance GF, I’ve aligned myself in a group of 3 other guys. Kevin, Truong and Huy. There’s a 4th guy in as well, but he didn’t show up til the later end. Probably the last couple of months. His name’s Thomas. And yes, we’re about to speak on some guy drama LOL HAHAHA. Oh well, I wanna put this in my blog so I can remember hahaha. So yes, my group consisted of Kevin, Truong, Huy, Thomas and myself. I guess you can say we’re a bunch of single guys that just started hanging out more and more.

Since I’m bored and have nothing else to do right now but listen to EDM music, I’ll explain our small group here. We all started playing basketball together from like 2-3 summers ago, and slowly our friends got jobs and started being busy and such. So us 5 decided, hey..we shouldn’t let that stop us from continuing our relationship and strengthening our bond. And that’s exactly what we did. We continued to play basketball and started going out on dinners and such. It was almost like a frat I guess.

Well, slowly and surely..two of our guys started showing their true colors haha. Kevin and Truong.. those dudes, eh. I guess I’m not surprised. They were pretty close since the beginning of high school. I knew Truong from HS too, but never really hung out with him like that. Huy and Thomas knew each other as well from middle school, however.. they’ve got more sense than the other two.

So to keep each other in the loop and such, we started this group chat on Facebook. We came accustomed to using this chat to keep each other aware and it worked. If we were going to do something that day or night, we’d make it known in there. Some times we’d just talk in there. Thing was, it was never anything serious and more senseless crap. Thing is, even when we go out to eat or do things, there’s never anything serious nor does anyone really open up. Just the usual jokes and crap. I thought, hey I guess I’m the only logical one here? I thought maybe..I was the one that brought ‘thinking’ and ‘awareness’ to the table so I was fine with that. As time went out, things started getting suspicious. Although, I just let things slide and never questioned it.

Kevin and Truong would go out and do their own thing, really lol. This is with no invite or anything, they’d just go and do their own thing. So yes, it may sound like I’m butthurt about it and I probably am but their true colors started to show tonight. And I’ll tell you why!

As time went by, I’d say..probably starting 4 months ago. These guys would go out to eat, take pictures and post on FB/Instagram. This was cool and all, didn’t happen often. I just thought of it as, ah probably did some activity together and decided to go grab something to eat. It happens y’know? At times Kevin would give me a ring so I could go pick up a car part with him or need me for carpool, I’ll agree and on our way back we’d get something to eat. But this though.. this little thing with Kevin and Truong started happening more and more often. Probably like 3 weeks ago, I just said fuck it. I won’t say shit, just let them do whatever and let anything go.

I said that because, there was a time where Truong would keep posting pictures from Huy’s room. Which meant, everyone else was there except me. So that felt a bit fucked up to me of course lol. Kind of a slap to the face kind of thing. Especially when we ALL would hang out at Huy’s until 10 and then go home. Now, I didn’t feel like caring until last week when Huy, myself and Thomas went out to grab some dinner with Thomas’ co-workers. During our sit, Huy mentioned to me.. “Does it ever seem like the other two guys ignore us or hate us?” I’m like.. yea why haha. It struck me as odd because I never thought Huy saw this nor cared as much.

Forgive me if you’re lost by now, oh well haha. I’m going to continue to write.

So Huy mentions that to me and we start speaking on it like we’re some drama birds hahaha. Shit was funny as hell. He was like, “You ever notice, they never invite us anywhere. But then you see all these food pics and stuff between them two.” And it’s true. These guys aren’t just going to fast food spots, they’ll go to Boiling Crab or some dim sum spot to eat, just them two but with no invite to us nor any mention of it. It was really as if they were trying to avoid us.

Huy said he maybe knows why they avoid him, but don’t know why they avoided me. I told Huy that I thought they were just avoiding me haha. Why? Because they still went to Huy’s without me. When I told Huy that they’d go to his house without me, he came out with..

“Yea, I noticed that. I always asked them where’s Lasty and they told me..I don’t know, probably at home.”

Once I heard that, wow. Then you REALLY know these guys couldn’t give a two shits about our ‘group’ anymore. So a few days passed by after that conversation with Huy and I right.. Then Huy posts in the group chat and pretty much confronts them LOL. Asks if there’s any beef or anything and why are those two guys avoiding us. LOL!! Shit was so cash and funny as fuck. It turned very funny when Kevin and Truong tried to play it off saying things like, Oh..we only go to places for a short amount of time, don’t really think we need to invite y’all for that. HAHAHAHA, okay brah..whatever you say.

Kevin tried to not make me feel so bad by saying, “I can’t invite you when I’m buying you a Christmas gift right? :)”

Really, I couldn’t give a two shits about no Christmas gift lmao. Then Truong would stay quiet.. Now, the next few sentences and paragraphs I’m going to write, is pretty much what Huy and I discussed.

You know, when you meet someone and consider them as a close friend, you don’t judge them right? You accept them for who they are and just roll along their side regardless of how ‘different’ or normal they are. See, me, I’m a bit conservative on how I interact with one another. I like to give full observation of a person before I show them my full personality. Some people can’t handle it, y’know? So I tend to play nice before we’re at a level where I can call us, ‘cool’.

First, we’ll evaluate Kevin. This guy, ever since I met him, I was told that he was sensitive and doesn’t take well to criticism. When we started hanging out more, I’d bust jokes here and there about him to see how he reacted. He’d never laugh along, would always say “the fuck?” to me or give that facial expression. I noticed this, so I stopped cracking jokes on him really. I remember his former buds would critique him on his basketball skills and he’d get mad then stop talking to those guys lol. Huy was one of those that critiqued him, so he knows very well how sensitive Kevin is.

So yes, Kevin is the type to take things up the ass and cry about it. He’s the dude that can dish out jokes to others, but can’t take it back. Damn I dislike these types, but you know..he’s a friend, so I let it slide. I just end up joking with Huy haha. Thing is, he loves it when people rides his nuts and compliments him on his looks and what not. This is exactly what Truong does to him. Truong caters to him. Says shit like, Oh..Kevin gets all the bitches. Dude has game!!! And of course, Kevin gets excited over this and smiles every second because someone says he can get all the bitches due to his looks. I mean, the guy fulfills a lot of girl’s checklists lol. He’s tall, light skinned, not bad looking and that’s about it. He’s probably the better looking one of out the group, so yea, Truong takes notice and says that to him.

Huy and myself on the other hand, we joke on him and he doesn’t take it too kindly lol. BUT!, I learned to stop hurting Kevin’s feelings and just let him be. While Huy likes to push the envelope and continue hahaha, it’s funny as shit when he does it though.

And then there’s Truong. This guy is the funniest guy ever. Holy shitttttttttt.

He says nigga this, nigga that all the time. Dresses with baggy clothes like it was the 90s still, and loves listening to all the “ratchet” hip hop these days. OH, not to mention he loves “ratchet” girls. During person to person interaction, he’ll act so thug. Thing is, it’s not natural. You know someone whose ‘about that life’ and someone whose not. And when it comes to Truong, it’s just not natural, yet he still does it any way. That’s not it either, this guy has a 10PM curfew. LOL! Shit is so funny when he tries to play it off.

Lets say Kevin and I are playing games, like NBA 2K on the PS3 at Huy’s house. Well, we usually ride there together in Kevin’s car to Huy’s house right. We’ll be there from around..maybe 8PM or so and ALWAYS leave at around 9:30-9:45PM. It’ll be Kevin and myself on the PS3. Huy laying on his bed while checking the internet on his phone. Hung, Huy’s brother, playing computer games and Truong on the other computer in the room just playing songs on YouTube and reading whatever the fuck. That’s the usual hangout thing we do in Huy’s room.

Now, once this shit reaches like 9:30-9:45PM right, Truong will turn and say “lets go home..I’m tired/sleepy.” It’s always one of those excuses. I say excuses because they are! HAHA. This dude has a 10PM curfew holy shit, he HAS to be home by 10, always. I believe he gets bitched at by his parents if he’s not in by 10PM. I mean, I understand but holy shit dude you’re 24 years old, I think it’s okay for you to be out a bit later than 10 man. C’mon son. So he gives these excuses right, we all say alright and go home. Thing is, it’ll be like 11:45PM and this guy is still on Facebook posting some gay ass e-cards both on FB and Instagram. LOL. Dude, I thought you were sleepy, why you still awake?

Now this isn’t the only time. It’ll maybe be..lets say, we’re out to eat and we finish around 9:50PM right? Night is still young.. this guy is the first to speak, alright guys lets call it a night. We all know this guy has to be home by 10, so we don’t bother saying anything else. Not to mention I remember this one time we all went to the club together for once, this guy thought the club ends at 11PM. LOL DUDE HAHAHA, shit barely starts at 11PM. Himself and Kevin end up calling a friend to come scoop themselves up and go home at 10:30PM. This shit is really sad.

This wouldn’t bug as much, but it’s just the front he puts up. Like on Instagram, he’ll put some bullshit hashtags such as, #thuglife #likeabawse on the most soft hearted pictures. It’s like, please just stop man just stop. Stop saying nigga this nigga that if you gotta be home by 10PM. It’s just not right haha.

With all of that said, Huy and I spoke about all the above and we agree..those two are some weird ass fools. And that we should cut them off and stop putting in any effort to get the group going again. Tonight was kind of the last straw. Kevin hit me up so I can fix his car last night, I agreed to do it tonight. As long as he provided the tools and parts. See, he told me he got quotes of $500 to complete this job, but when I agreed to do it, he never told me about any type of compensation for my labor or anything. I mean, in my mind I was already going to say no to anything he offered, because I really wanted to fix his car out of friendship. But I just wanted to see where his head is at and where his heart is LOL. Damn that sounded weak, but still, you know what I mean.

So we go to Truong’s house since his garage has lighting and I start going to work on Kevin’s car. I tell Kevin, “Hey man, you should hit up the other two to see what they’re up to.” Kevin says, “Oh, I didn’t think we need more than just us to fix this.” In my mind, I was like wow… A regular guy would maybe say or think, Yea you know, I should hit them up so we can keep each other company or just hang out like buds. But nope, this guy just didn’t care.

There was also a moment where Kevin had to run back home to go grab a tool that we needed. Since he lived down the street, he ran down to his house. During this moment, I was alone in the garage with Truong. All Truong did was sit on his ass and was on his laptop while I was taking bolts off the car. This dude never once spoke to me. At that moment, I was really in awe and gave conclusion to my questions if these guys really cared about myself or Huy/Thomas. I personally don’t think they do. And of course I told Huy about this, he said fuck them lol. And I believe he’s right. As much as I want to patch things up, things aren’t really the same anymore. These guys have distanced themselves from us, so why should we put any MORE effort to tighten the group up.

As for effort from myself and Huy, we ALWAYS invited these two guys to any activities that we’d do. Such as eating out with new people or just eating in general. We knew Truong couldn’t go nor did he want to because he doesn’t drink, but we always invited him and Kevin to the nights that we go out to drink and party regardless. Thing is, we never received any answers. On our Facebook messages it’ll always say, “Seen by Kevin, Truong” but not once do we ever receive a response. I mean, Huy and I are fine with that.. But this is where it gets to us. This has happened a few times, but we ask these two guys if they want to go eat such and such. Few minutes later, message is seen by both of them, no response. Give it about an hour later, you check Instagram and you see these two are out eating together. What kind of shit is that?

Word count – 3345.

So yes, I probably do sound butthurt right now, but eh. Fuck it haha. I want to get this out on my blog so maybe some time I can come back and read this. We planned on going to Vegas in January, but I’m not sure if it’s still going down because of this. Huy and I are still down, not sure about the other two.

Now that I have THAT behind, let me talk about my new found friendship with Huy and Thomas.

Man, I never thought Huy had logic in him. I always thought he didn’t care to analyze how things were and just stayed oblivious to it all. Well, he didn’t lol. He told me he started to see things and think about it too. As we spoke more and more to each other, it started hitting me that he was opening up to me. I did the same to him and we understood each other. I thought that’s how friends interact, especially close friends. See, when I ever opened up to Kevin or Truong, I never got any real response back. It was always a nod and a few words of agreement. That’s about it. When I received those responses, I immediately stopped opening up to those two.

With Huy though, we understand each other. This sounds gay, but it’s true. Close friends or even regular friends understand each other. I’m sure you know the feeling. Huy and I can joke about each other without either one’s feelings getting hurt. I remember the other night when Huy, myself and Thomas were hanging out. I told them, you know I tell you guys fuck you because I love y’all right..and not because I hate you or dislike you lol. We all shared a genuine laugh and they told me they understood. Right after, Huy cracks a joke back on myself and Thomas. At that point, it’s just a genuine good time and memory that we share together. That’s what being friends is all about.

I just never really did share that type of moment with Kevin nor Truong. Huy mentioned to me the same thing. It was never a ‘real’ moment with those guys. With Thomas and Huy, we share laughs all the time. It’s damn great. I enjoy my time with them.

One thing about us three is, we’re outgoing I guess. I mean, Thomas and I are a bit introverted, but it doesn’t hurt to socialize with new people here and there. We enjoy hanging out and meeting new people. It’s not hard really. Huy does too. It’s all good. All in all, things are great with us three and we do plan on adding more people into our circle. I have so much more shit to talk about Kevin and Truong, but eh, I believe I’ve proven enough of how fucked those two no need for more explanation.

With that past us now, I’ve got to talk about parties/drinks/life. I’m starting to realize that I’m nearing the tender age of 25. That 30 is coming by real fast haha, but I’m trying to have as much fun as possible now before I can’t do it anymore. My basketball injuries are starting to remind me of how old I am and it’s a shame. I sprained my two wrists 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t healed properly. I remember when I sprained them when I was 19ish, man..gave me around 2 weeks of rest and I was good to go. During this time, I have my left wrist taped up for the past 3 weeks and still have pain. My right wrist isn’t too bad, but still in pain as well.

Not only that..I tried playing basketball last Saturday and wow, first play of the game..I sprained my left ankle. Luckily it wasn’t too hard and I was able to save myself from further damage, but still..I couldn’t even run straight haha. Then other people reminded me of my age as well. They said, “Damn man, you need to rest. You’ve got tape on your wrist, you’re limping and you’ve got knee braces on both of your knees.” LOL I didn’t realize it but man, seeing it from their perspective.. I’m pretty dinged up.

It was so sad too.. the week that I sprained my wrist. It was two weeks prior to the basketball league starting. Shit sucked ass. I had people flaking out on the team, and then I got hurt. My friend Jovi decided that we should just wait until next season. I was so pissed too.. I worked pretty hard during the weeks before my injury.. I practiced 3 nights a week and played ball on the weekends. I threw up at least 300+ shots every night as well as worked on my offhand dribbling. It was getting better and better, then I got injured.

I’ve recovered from injuries before, but now I’ve got to relearn my shots and gain some confidence back again. I mean, I could do it, but fuck it just pisses me off. So yes, hopefully we’ll be ready for next season. I just want to play one league season so I could say that I did it haha.

Another part of my life right now is partying and drinking. Mannnnn, EDC 2014 dates were announced not too long ago this week and I definitely plan on going. The plan is to meet some new people right now, make some friends and have us all go to EDC 2014. Right now, the squad is going to be myself, Huy, Thomas, Alex and Phil + his friends. You all probably don’t know who those people are, but it’s the squadron that will be raging at EDC haha. I’m sure has hell going to have a damn good time. One thing I plan to do is add girls into my circle. I’ve got a small circle of girl friends and it’s sad haha. I need more!

So we’ll see how that goes. Of course, as always, I’ll update this blog when new things are happening. Man, I can’t believe I wrote all of that. Feels real good to let it release though. I apologize for the super long read that probably has topics scattered everywhere, oh well. Sucks for you. Sucks for me too I guess..when I come back reading this shit years after I’ve written it. Should be entertaining though! Hahahahha!

I guess that’s it for now. Til next time WordPress. Bye!

- Lasty

One thought on “Friends. Family. Parties. Drinks. Life.

  1. Anonymous

    This is going to be like xanga, when you come across an old blog/post you put up years ago. More than likely you will not remember or vaguely remember. But you’ll read it, and start to think of the feelings/attitude you were feeling at the time and try and relate. Well at least I did. Lol but you do describe everything in detail down to what you were wearing, what soap you used to bath with, what you ate for breakfast etc. lol well all in all good read, glad you are having fun, also sometimes a small knit group is better than having a lot of friends, it shows you who really is down for you and separates the rest from the acquaintances.

    Good day!


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