Oh Hey.

Sup internet.

So this is my entry after a four month hiatus. Lots have changed I guess lol. Lost a few old friends, gained new ones, love life is still whatever, I drive an Acura, etc etc. I don’t really know where to start. I think I’m going to actually post some pictures in this entry. First, lets start off with my shirt stuff. I kind of stopped doing that after I bought my car.. a 1999 Acura Integra LS sedan. I bought it from an old high school acquaintance. Dude has had the car for the longest time, since I was a freshman and decided to sell it earlier this year for $2,200.

The motor and everything is great, body needs work but it takes me from A to B so I’m happy with that. Well, ever since I got the car, I’ve been having people call me over to repair their cars or do installation work on their cars. I’m starting to be an auto-technician without wanting to be one haha. My favorite achievement so far is probably doing sound systems, they’re so easy to wire up and I usually charge around $30-40 for the work depending on car and system. So with that, I kind of stopped to doing clothing things. However, my cousins have picked it up and I’m somewhat involved with them..so I’m not totally out of it.

As far as having a job, I don’t have an official job. I’m still on unemployment and just doing those repairs for side money. Now, I’m only on unemployment for a good reason.. I’ve been saving to purchase a flight for my mom and I to go back to Laos. My mom has never been, so I want to take her at least once. She’s retired and old now, so it’d be nice for her to go back and see her sisters and family again. I believe we plan on going around September with our other family members over here, so it’s going to be a nice trip. When we return, I should be off unemployment and will be on a job hunt for sure. Hopefully I get lucky with that..

I’m still playing basketball too, which has come a long way.. I’m at the point where it takes me about 3-4 shots to get me going. If I hit at least 2 out of 4 warm up shots in game, I’m going to be hot all game. Yes, I’m a primarily offensive type of player. My defense is average, but I make up for it on offense hah. I’ve been modeling my game hard after Jamal Crawford. Some say I look like him, some say I set my shot up like him. Either way, I’m happy to get some praise from strangers and friends saying I resemble him a bit.

For starters.. here’s a few gifs from a pick up game. – Note, I don’t really play outdoors anymore. I’ve been spoiled by the indoors so much that I just rather play there instead. It’s so easy for me to get hot indoors and that’s why I love it haha.

1) Here, I created some space and hit a shot from the top of the key.


2) Yes, I take shots on fast-breaks. Risky, but I usually hit from mid-range any way.

3) I don’t really try do this much. But if the opportunity is there, I will do it. It’s worked a couple of times so far, as I’ve barely gotten it down. The ball goes from my right hand, under my left leg into my left hand, behind the back to the right hand.. and then I have two options here. If the defender fell for the fake to my left, then I’ll go to the right. In this one, you see the defender is still towards the right..so I bring it back to the left. It usually ends with either a layup or a jump shot. Great move, I love it. Thanks to Jamal Crawford for this.


So all in all, I’m still decent in basketball haha. But lets move on!

Mmmm, oh yea, I turned 25 this year of February. Felt pretty weird to know you’re half way towards 30 haha. People say it goes all downhill from here, so far I haven’t noticed that yet.. I just noticed my insurance went downhill though, which is great! One thing though, at my nephews birthday party today, everyone kept asking me when I’m going to have a kid. While I laugh at the thought, I kind of take their question into thought many times. I really want a kid by the time I’m 28-29 though, just hope I’ll find someone by then. I got my confidence back recently, and I don’t know why. I think it’s because I’m starting to not fear the thought of rejection or facing rejection. It’s normal I suppose. Getting numbers is easy, keeping the convo going is a bit on the hard part.

Not to mention dating these days is all online, and socializing is mostly online. And if you go up to someone, you’re automatically labeled as a creeper. Kind of weak sauce right? Oh well, that’s just how it is I guess. My friend Jun was able to find a girlfriend on Plenty of Fish though lol, actually..two girls. I’m thinking about giving it a try, but don’t really want lose grasps on the old fashion, hook-line-sinker type of way to grab a girl’s attention.

While having a girlfriend is on my mind, I think I just want to focus on myself for another couple of years before I find someone. But you know, it’d be nice to find someone and also do my thing at the same time. That way, I create a relationship with someone and grow with them, rather than staying with them for say..1-2 years then tying the knot. I think at least 3-4 years before marriage sounds about right. Who knows though.. I just hope my future plays out well.

Annnd now I’m sitting here trying to think of what else to type about. I’m not sure about what to write ’cause my mind’s on this T-Ara song that’s playing in the background hah. Haven’t listened to KPop in so long, they’re making me reminisce LOL.

OH! This year, I’m attending EDC 2014! Supposedly it’s going to be the last time the festival will be in Las Vegas. So this will be my first rave and first music festival. And I’m doing it big! Going as a small group of 5, calling ourselves the “Lonely Squad” LOL. Should be a great time, only two months away too. I can’t wait! All I know is, I’m going to get hammered, meet new people and see what goes on from there. Definitely a “gotta try” type thing.. June can’t come any sooner.

I guess I’ll stop it there and post again when I get the chance.

As always, thanks for reading. Good night!

- Lasty

Merry Christmas lol.

Wassup everyone.

First off, Merry Christmas to everyone whose reading this!

Just a little update here before I go to sleep. I’ll try not to take too long. Lets see.. I’m still unemployed right now haha. I do enjoy it though, I’m getting paid $700 bi-weekly, uh yea..I’ll take that any day. That’s more than enough to pay bills and sit on my ass. Thanks to everyone who contributes to that check, you’re helping me eat. LOL. But no, I’m not totally sitting on my ass though. I’m using the unemployment money to make custom shirts for friends here and there, nothing crazy. Just to make a small profit.

I’ve decided to scrap my original design and really want to come up with something new for this upcoming year. I don’t really know what I want to throw out yet, but eh..I’m getting somewhat of an eye opener on this shirt thing. I’m also networking with people here and there, slowly but surely I guess. Overall, I’m happy with my progress on that point. However, I do expect myself to be in a greater place this time next year. Hopefully I get a brand out and get to be known around the area. I’d be pretty happy.

Oh, and I plan on going back to school next semester too! Not really sure on what I want to go back for, but I’ll figure it out. Hopefully to get some IT certs. As of late, I’ve been thinking of my age and future lol..as always. Almost 25 years old and ugh, I know those next 5 years will come soon. By the time I reach 30, I want to at least be stable in everything.. Meaning, a girlfriend/fiance..condo/house, financially stable and all that jazz. Kids will come soon too…bleh. As much as I don’t want the age to come, I can’t wait either. Weird huh. Well, time will fly and hopefully I’m still writing in this blog by then.

Alright, I’m getting pretty sleepy. Uhh let me add in, I got some basketball stuff from my friends for Christmas. Pretty dope shit man.. I got a legit NCAA basketball as well as some Nike Elite socks in 3 different colors. I’m starting to become a sock person, so I understand the socks haha. But the NCAA ball, I don’t think I’m ever going to put it to use unless I go indoors. The basketball is just tooooo nice for outdoors, wayyyy too nice. Great presents!

Next blog, maybe tomorrow.. I’ll write an entry about this girl that’s been hitting me up. I don’t really know what to think of her. She already said she loves me lol. As in, “I love you”. Mmmmm…..yea.

K. I’m going to sleep now. Good night. Thanks for reading.

- Lasty

Basketball and Myself. I. Me.


I thought I’d stroke some of my ego a bit and write about myself and the sport of basketball. For some reason I just wanted to write strictly about basketball haha. Lets see, a bit of history about myself and the sport – I’ve been playing it for 3 years now and absolutely love the game. This is one of those things where if you really work hard, you’ll see progress.

At the time when I first started to play, I had a lot of time on my hands and decided that I’d pick up basketball as my sport. So I went out and bought a basketball as well as a pair of basketball shoes. My first pair were some Nike Huarache’s, I don’t remember the exact year or model type, but they were in the Huarache line. Comfortable shoes, but I disliked how the back would rub against where my achilles tendon was, and it’d hurt during games. Although, that was the least of my worries lol.

When I first began, my goal was just like anyone else..and that was to put the ball in the net. You just want to score. Regardless if you’ve watched basketball before or just have picked the sport up, you want to score. And that was my main goal, to score and become consistent at it. Now you see, before I started ‘practicing’, I’d play with my cousin and his friends. We’d play on Sunday evenings and do a small 3v3 scrimmage against each other. I was so terrible back then, I shot underhanded.. like, granny style..except with one arm haha. It was a very weird shot, but felt comfortable to me. As time went on, they told me to start shooting overhand. Of course, I didn’t care for basketball much and didn’t see myself playing it beyond Sunday evenings, so I stuck with my underhanded scoop shot.

Now, when I started to ‘practice’, I started to try the ‘proper’ overhand form. I thought, wow this felt weird as shit but you know what..I’ll stick with it. So I went ahead and kept doing it and it started becoming second nature to me. The shot felt very natural as I had the a far more better ability at aiming the basketball and guiding it down the hoop. The footage I’m going to show you is from 3 years ago. (Note – I’ll be showing footage from two different YouTube channels. I lost the password for the first account. Shame on me.)

The footage below here.. You can see that I do the overhand shot, but there’s very something wrong with my footing. I had a bad habit of doing some type of step over the other foot and then shoot. It was very ugly, but again..felt natural to me at the time.

During that time, I met some new people that I played basketball with and still talk to today. Most of them have faded from the sport, but I still talk to them and consider them my friends. :) So yes, all in all, my shot was pretty much like that. Ugly step/form. Whatever you wanna call it.

So yes, during 2010 we had at least 15-20 people showing up consistently to play. Eventually there became this friendly rivalry. A team that was a close-knit type of group whom played an actual defensive set, against our team..random passes and a bunch of ISO’s haha. Whenever we played, those guys would always leave me open. I was never consistent enough to be a threat on offense. This, I never knew.. I only knew about this around maybe last year when they told me haha. One of my current best friends now, Huy, actually told me that they’d purposely leave me open ’cause I sucked.

I didn’t blame them though, I did suck pretty bad. However, I had this one consistent shot that I liked. I always liked shooting from baseline. I would literally stand at baseline and wait for a pass, if I got the ball, you know I’m shooting it. I started making these shots with the same ugly form.. While making these shots with the same ugly form, I also made it a note to record myself as I kept playing. Which came to this one game I played with another left handed guy named Lawrence. A Black guy around 6’3″-4″ish, very quick and always looked to pass the ball. He did have a shot, but never shot unless he needed to. He was a very natural pass-first point guard type of player. Every now and then he’ll still show up to that same court and I’ll stay to watch him. In a way, I guess you can say he was my basketball idol.

I’d stare and admire the guy. He was so quick and explosive, I wanted to be like him haha. So yea, my friends and I played a game with him on the same team as myself. I was wide open from the elbow near the freethrow line, he passed it to me and I didn’t shoot. Instead, I passed it somewhere else and to say the least, he wasn’t pleased with my action. He told me, “C’mon baby, you gotta shoot that.” I remember telling him, I can’t shoot anywhere except baseline. He then said, “You’ve got to learn to shoot from every spot, work on it.”

From there on, I practiced. Not only on shooting from different spots, but also working on my form. I knew my form was still a problem and had to do something about it. So time went by, I recorded myself again and kept working on my form. This was the product of practice,

In the video above, you can see my baseline habits as I start the warm-up/video shooting at baseline haha. I also apologize for the horrible music! HAhaha. It was some collaboration my friend and I decided to do for kicks. I’m the 2nd voice on the track. Any way.. as you can see, my feet are more squared up for my shots and the shot flows much much more smoother than before. I’ve stayed with this shot ever since. I’ve had hot games with this form haha!

However, even with that form.. I still had downfalls and of course I still do now. My downfalls were that I loved going to my left, I loved shooting and I could only shoot from mid-range haha. If I tried shooting a 3-pt shot, it looked very force and my form was off. I just didn’t have the strength to throw up a 3-pt shot with ‘proper’ form. Regardless of this, I stuck with my bread and butter. It was driving left, either into a layup or a mid-range shot. I was very good at this.. But our friend Fred read this quickly and told anyone guarding me to force me to my right.

Now that threw my game off a bit. On certain games, I’d be totally shut down on offense. I’d receive the ball, and have nowhere to go. I wasn’t very confident with my offhand dribbling at all. If I were to even make an attempt to dribble to my right, I’d end up losing the ball or it’d be very slow and the defender would poke the ball away. So with all those downfalls, I tried to fix them.. I worked on having a crossover. Many defenders thought I’d go left, so I learned a left to right crossover to a mid-range shot haha. It’s a move I use a lot, even now.., and is pretty effective to people who’ve never seen me play before. I also have enough strength and confidence to throw up a 3-pt shot. I’ve played games where I’ve hit three/four in a row regardless of whose guarding me or how, the ball just goes in. Always roll with the hot hand! Haha.

With the main two issues addressed, the only thing I have to do now is be comfortable with dribbling with my right hand. I’m currently practicing on that, but I’m also injured at the moment..so I’ll have to resume practicing on it after my wrists heal up. Its been 3 weeks now and I’m still not properly healed, so yes I’m a bit frustrated haha. So as a player right now, I’d say I’m pretty content. I’ve practiced to the level that I wanted to be at, and that was to be good ‘enough’. Now, that sounds pretty weak yes? Yes it does. By good enough, I meant that I just wanted to be decent enough to go to any park and play pick-up basketball with randoms and not be yelled at. It’s good to have fundamentals y’know? The one thing that pisses me off though, is when you have fundamentals and randoms don’t. When I say fundamental, it’s learning the game.

Sure, you learn how to shoot, pass, dribble, etc. But the real game starts when you study other players, you study their tendencies, you read the defense, you read passing lanes, etc. As much as there is fun to scoring, the fun is when you break a player down IMO. I have this thing where I’ll let the person I’m guarding score maybe 2-3 points on me, and I’ll see how he does it. I’m no basketball genius, I just play with randoms, so this is what I’ve gathered haha – So after scoring their first 2-3 points, they’ve usually shown me their repertoire. They’ve shown me all their moves. It’ll either be a guy that likes to drive all the time, or someone who likes to spot up and shoot.

Rarely will I have to guard someone who has everything. The crossovers, the drive ins, the ones that are comfortable dribbling the ball with both hands and what not. Those guys are the ones that have some bball experience out of HS or younger.. hell, some barely just picked the game up and practiced harder than I have. That’s the fun of it I guess, every player is different. It’s like a video game, but it’s always a new game because there’s always someone new to challenge yourself against. And it’s always up to you to keep your body/skills/strengths up to par or better than they are. Really really fun.

With all those things said, man..I’m really proud of myself. I’m not going to lie though, when I play with my friends, I tend to be the leading scorer haha. It’s not ’cause I’m good, but it’s because I’m very selfish with the ball. There’s a video of me playing with my friends, and I was so bored that I kept the stats for every player on the court. Can you imagine how many times I paused and played the video? A bunch! But it was worth it! I ended up taking 14 shots? I made 7 of them. My other friend John, who is a very young and explosive player, also took 14 shots and made 7 of them haha. In the basketball world, a 50% shooting percentage isn’t bad at all. So I was content with that game. The competition was weak, but it was fun overall.

Continuing on with what I said, I’m very selfish with the ball. I know it’s bad, but I also know why I am so selfish with the basketball. It’s cause I worked hard on scoring and scoring alone that it’s just all I want to do. When I practiced, it was by myself and every type of upgrading I did was just trying to score. So in a way, I’ve gotten too confident haha. I did have stretches during the summer when we played where I’d take a bunch of shots. Did we win? Yes. Did we lose? Yes. I had off games where I’d miss, yet still take a bunch of shots. It took me a while to realize these things, but I eventually figured them out.

It all came to me when I started playing with another group on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These guys were my cousin’s friends. All shapes and sizes, as well as skill levels. You’d have the scorers, the old guys, the young guys, athletic guys, ones who just wanted to exercise, all types. We still play to this day! The competition may have gotten stale, but playing every time is fun as heck and I hope we continue on doing so for a long time.

Now, when I started playing with these guys.. I was very nervous and wanted to be accepted into the group. I did a lot of passing in the beginning months. This is where my passing skills were worked on, I started to have vision on where my teammates were and whom I wanted to pass to. Passing is very very fun. Especially touch passes.. Touch passes are when the ball is coming to you, and you already know who you want to pass to before it even gets to you. Once it hits your hand, it’s already going in the direction you want it to go.. I’ve had a few moments of these and the results deliver!

As time went on, I started to shoot more and more. These guys figured out that I have a mid-range shot and started to guard me whenever I came into mid-range distance. This is when my old habits came, I shot the ball regardless. I’m not gonna lie, I like to think that I have a bit of Kobe Bryant in me. Why? Because I like to shoot in front of people’s faces. Yes, I’m stroking my ego, but I DO actually hit these shots. And when they hit, the feeling is so awesome. Yes bud, raise your hands in my face while I raise up in the air and hit this shot. It’s a great feeling.

With me shooting a lot, I had stretches where I’d be cold. This is part where the others, ones that knew the game and I respected a lot, this is where they told me to pass. Man oh man, I listened to them. I believe its improved my game tremendously. It really depends on how I feel, but now, I like to start the game off shooting just to get a rhythm. I’ll shoot maybe the first 3-4 touches I get, if they’re dropping..I’ll continue to shoot. If not, I’ll start to look and create for others. It’s very fun to create for others. I’m starting to like it more and more, unfortunately, it just sucks when the others miss the shots and your team ends up losing.

IMO, I’ve done a very good job of finding the open man and hitting them for open shots. I just get upset when they miss and keep missing no matter how open they are. At this point, I try to shoot some more and ultimately try to win the games. Some times it works, some times it doesn’t. Life goes on.

One of the most memorable games to me during the weekend mornings was when I had a pretty bad squad. I had the older guys, and some dudes that couldn’t shoot. Sure, they’d throw up shots..but they were all prayers. This game was very important to me. It was the last game of the weekend and I was the obvious scoring option on the team. The game would end at 15 points, and I remember we were down zero to nine. This game, I tried to create for others early and figured we could stay close throughout the game. Nope, I was wrong. The other team started off hot, but they cooled down after nine points. At this point, I stopped creating for others and started shooting, my shots were falling.

Downfall was, I didn’t have a 3-pt shot yet, so all my shots were 1-point shots and all mid-range/layups. It took a lot of energy out of me, but man it was well worth it at the end. I believe I scored the first 5 points for the team. At this point, the person defending me started guarding me tight. So I would call for picks, and immediately drove in once the pick came. I never tried to finish though, as there was always a teammate there to finish a easy layup I’d give to him when I drove in. We eventually tied the game up and started going back and forth until we both reached 14-14.

Both teams got nervous and started playing some very very tough defense. It was very intense. Anyone who drove in would get fouled hard. You’d either hear a slap or you’d see the person end up on the ground. As we ran up and down for multiple possessions with no one scoring the winning basket, I dug very very deep to find the last ounce of energy in me. This play right here, it was so obvious that I was tired. I was given the ball and I brought it down to the court. Since I’m left handed, I brought it down on the right side of the court. At this point, I don’t want to do no crossovers and risk losing the ball, my head was always about driving hard to the left.

Now I brought the ball near the 3-pt line, I try driving in but I’m guarded pretty well. No pressure, I bring the ball back out to reset and gather myself. In my mind, I want this to be the last possession and call it a game. So then I get a pick from one of my teammates.. It took me a while, but I learned how to properly use a screen haha. As the screen was coming, I ran towards it.. By the time the opponent could call the screen out for their teammate, the guy was already hit with the pick. So I drove to my left and at the free throw line, I put up a jumper and it dropped right in. I felt so relieved at that game, I fell on the ground and stayed there after the shot. It was a very intense game haha, and I was glad to bury the casket on that one.

I still have memorable games here and there, but not as much as that one. Ones that come close to mind are ones where I’m pretty much unstoppable. Not much in terms where no one can guard me, but just where my shots drop even if I’m greatly contested. The shot just drops. If you’re hot, you’re hot. If you’re a ball player, you know this feeling.

One last subject I want to talk about. My friends like to compare themselves to NBA players. Fred was always the guru that would do this haha. I was always interested in what Fred had to say as he knew most about basketball. At first, he called me Jordan Crawford. A player who liked to chuck up shots regardless of whose open and what not. Fred said that if I developed better handles and a 3pt shot, he’d give me an update. So we played a few times and he finally gave me an update haha, he ended up saying I’m more like a Jamal Crawford now. I mean, the guy chucks up shots as well, but he’s way way more efficient and skilled than Jordan Crawford. I’m very happy to be seen/compared to Jamal Crawford.. even though I’ve got a lot more work to do before I have those beautiful handles of his.

And okay, one last last part. As much as I like scoring, I hate being the star of teams LOL. Does this make sense? I like being the spark. I like being the sidekick. If the star isn’t making it work, I like to provide the scoring and help the team win. I remember when we had a small basketball tournament a few summers ago and my friends argued that I should start. But nope, I told them I wanted to come off the bench and that’s exactly what I did. For some reason, when I start or am the ‘star’ of teams, I get nervous and start shaking. Which leads to me missing and trying to do too much. Bleh. I’m over with that now.

Luckily, I’ve found where I want to be as a basketball player and will continue to improve from there on with practice. I even bought cones and such to work on my handles. I’ve been putting in over 300+ shots a night before my injury.. My shot was so consistent from the constant practice, I loved it. Now, I’ve got to put in work again.

Oh well. It’s for the love of the game. Until then, thanks for reading (if you read this much) and good night. Oh, and if you want..I’ll post some videos below and you can watch some of my ‘recent’ games. They’re like 7 months old though haha, but I’m about the same if not a bit better than these videos. I hope you enjoy.

- Lasty

Friends. Family. Parties. Drinks. Life.

Wassup everyone..

Warning – This entry will probably be well over a 1,200 word count. So yea, it’s a long one.

The title for this entry is pretty much what I’ll be writing about. I haven’t been on here in a good minute and I guess that’s good. Means I’m either being busy or lazy. Hah! Before I hit you off like a wall of bricks with total nonsense of endless rants and such, I guess I’ll start off with what’s currently going on in my life now.

At this moment, I’m resting my ass off at home everyday and enjoying unemployment benefits. All I do is go out to party, come home to eat and then sleep. Rinse and repeat. Not much has been going on really. Which sounds pretty bad.. but eh haha. Well okay, I’m not THAT lazy. I’ve been trying to think up of a business name that I want for my t-shirt brand as well as think of a logo. I’ve made a few and thought of some, but nothing solid. The plan is to really get something by next month. However, I HAVE been making random shirts and selling to friends and family. I’m not making much profit off of these t-shirts, but they do keep me busy and it’s just something I enjoy doing.

The very few profits I get from shirt sales, I end up putting it towards drinks or food. Anything left, I put back into my small business I guess haha. I’ve decided not to post anything yet just because I don’t feel confident in the designs. When I have one that I truly feel that I love, I will post on here no doubt.

Now…lets move on.

With the loss of my job, I’ve been able to find time to talk with my cousins more and spend time with them as well. This is something I haven’t done in a long time. I even took a trip down to San Diego to visit some of my cousins and man, it felt great! The family love is definitely there. No matter how long we haven’t seen each other, I was still recognized as family and still loved as family. I love that feeling and am very grateful for that. As I know others have problems with kindling any type of relationships with their family. For me to be isolated from them for so long and to be reconciled without a hassle, it’s great.

Speaking of family, I’ve a new nephew that has been put into this world. His name is Jaxson and was born last week. Very cute kid.. Gets to join his other two brothers, Maddox and Nixon. Can’t wait until they grow up! I’ll definitely be teaching them some basketball. Too bad their father is a LA Clipper fan. -_- My cousin has already donned Jaxson with a Jordan beanie a couple days after he was born LOL. Cute stuff. This also reminds me of one thing I forgot to mention in my previous entry, I forgot to mention that my uncle passed away. This happened around September-ish I believe. I believe his liver was failing him and our family wasn’t able to find a replacement in time. My cousins flew him out to Florida and Texas in hopes of the doctors saying that they could help, but to no avail.

Now, I’m not sure I can say I was close to him, but I definitely was around him from when I was a kid to when I was a teenager. One thing I knew, was that he talked a lot of shit on me haha. For not going to school or working, and always bringing trouble to my mom. Those were during my younger days though, so I wasn’t too sure of what he thought of me then. All I know was, he did give approval of my ex-gf’s haha. Overall, I kind of wish I spent more time with him, but at the same time I don’t.

During the whole funeral weekend, my cousins from Florida, Boston and central-Cali came through. We got to hang out and spend some time together. It was pretty dope. I believe they’re coming down here to SoCal again for another event that is for my uncle. It’s supposed to be 100 days after he passed away, so next month they’ll be here again. Definitely going to have to take them out for some drinks this time around. Plan on getting turnt up with them LOL.

With that said, lets move onto another topic.

Friends..friends oh friends. Man haha. I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, I probably have.. But since my break-up with the long distance GF, I’ve aligned myself in a group of 3 other guys. Kevin, Truong and Huy. There’s a 4th guy in as well, but he didn’t show up til the later end. Probably the last couple of months. His name’s Thomas. And yes, we’re about to speak on some guy drama LOL HAHAHA. Oh well, I wanna put this in my blog so I can remember hahaha. So yes, my group consisted of Kevin, Truong, Huy, Thomas and myself. I guess you can say we’re a bunch of single guys that just started hanging out more and more.

Since I’m bored and have nothing else to do right now but listen to EDM music, I’ll explain our small group here. We all started playing basketball together from like 2-3 summers ago, and slowly our friends got jobs and started being busy and such. So us 5 decided, hey..we shouldn’t let that stop us from continuing our relationship and strengthening our bond. And that’s exactly what we did. We continued to play basketball and started going out on dinners and such. It was almost like a frat I guess.

Well, slowly and surely..two of our guys started showing their true colors haha. Kevin and Truong.. those dudes, eh. I guess I’m not surprised. They were pretty close since the beginning of high school. I knew Truong from HS too, but never really hung out with him like that. Huy and Thomas knew each other as well from middle school, however.. they’ve got more sense than the other two.

So to keep each other in the loop and such, we started this group chat on Facebook. We came accustomed to using this chat to keep each other aware and it worked. If we were going to do something that day or night, we’d make it known in there. Some times we’d just talk in there. Thing was, it was never anything serious and more senseless crap. Thing is, even when we go out to eat or do things, there’s never anything serious nor does anyone really open up. Just the usual jokes and crap. I thought, hey I guess I’m the only logical one here? I thought maybe..I was the one that brought ‘thinking’ and ‘awareness’ to the table so I was fine with that. As time went out, things started getting suspicious. Although, I just let things slide and never questioned it.

Kevin and Truong would go out and do their own thing, really lol. This is with no invite or anything, they’d just go and do their own thing. So yes, it may sound like I’m butthurt about it and I probably am but their true colors started to show tonight. And I’ll tell you why!

As time went by, I’d say..probably starting 4 months ago. These guys would go out to eat, take pictures and post on FB/Instagram. This was cool and all, didn’t happen often. I just thought of it as, ah probably did some activity together and decided to go grab something to eat. It happens y’know? At times Kevin would give me a ring so I could go pick up a car part with him or need me for carpool, I’ll agree and on our way back we’d get something to eat. But this though.. this little thing with Kevin and Truong started happening more and more often. Probably like 3 weeks ago, I just said fuck it. I won’t say shit, just let them do whatever and let anything go.

I said that because, there was a time where Truong would keep posting pictures from Huy’s room. Which meant, everyone else was there except me. So that felt a bit fucked up to me of course lol. Kind of a slap to the face kind of thing. Especially when we ALL would hang out at Huy’s until 10 and then go home. Now, I didn’t feel like caring until last week when Huy, myself and Thomas went out to grab some dinner with Thomas’ co-workers. During our sit, Huy mentioned to me.. “Does it ever seem like the other two guys ignore us or hate us?” I’m like.. yea why haha. It struck me as odd because I never thought Huy saw this nor cared as much.

Forgive me if you’re lost by now, oh well haha. I’m going to continue to write.

So Huy mentions that to me and we start speaking on it like we’re some drama birds hahaha. Shit was funny as hell. He was like, “You ever notice, they never invite us anywhere. But then you see all these food pics and stuff between them two.” And it’s true. These guys aren’t just going to fast food spots, they’ll go to Boiling Crab or some dim sum spot to eat, just them two but with no invite to us nor any mention of it. It was really as if they were trying to avoid us.

Huy said he maybe knows why they avoid him, but don’t know why they avoided me. I told Huy that I thought they were just avoiding me haha. Why? Because they still went to Huy’s without me. When I told Huy that they’d go to his house without me, he came out with..

“Yea, I noticed that. I always asked them where’s Lasty and they told me..I don’t know, probably at home.”

Once I heard that, wow. Then you REALLY know these guys couldn’t give a two shits about our ‘group’ anymore. So a few days passed by after that conversation with Huy and I right.. Then Huy posts in the group chat and pretty much confronts them LOL. Asks if there’s any beef or anything and why are those two guys avoiding us. LOL!! Shit was so cash and funny as fuck. It turned very funny when Kevin and Truong tried to play it off saying things like, Oh..we only go to places for a short amount of time, don’t really think we need to invite y’all for that. HAHAHAHA, okay brah..whatever you say.

Kevin tried to not make me feel so bad by saying, “I can’t invite you when I’m buying you a Christmas gift right? :)”

Really, I couldn’t give a two shits about no Christmas gift lmao. Then Truong would stay quiet.. Now, the next few sentences and paragraphs I’m going to write, is pretty much what Huy and I discussed.

You know, when you meet someone and consider them as a close friend, you don’t judge them right? You accept them for who they are and just roll along their side regardless of how ‘different’ or normal they are. See, me, I’m a bit conservative on how I interact with one another. I like to give full observation of a person before I show them my full personality. Some people can’t handle it, y’know? So I tend to play nice before we’re at a level where I can call us, ‘cool’.

First, we’ll evaluate Kevin. This guy, ever since I met him, I was told that he was sensitive and doesn’t take well to criticism. When we started hanging out more, I’d bust jokes here and there about him to see how he reacted. He’d never laugh along, would always say “the fuck?” to me or give that facial expression. I noticed this, so I stopped cracking jokes on him really. I remember his former buds would critique him on his basketball skills and he’d get mad then stop talking to those guys lol. Huy was one of those that critiqued him, so he knows very well how sensitive Kevin is.

So yes, Kevin is the type to take things up the ass and cry about it. He’s the dude that can dish out jokes to others, but can’t take it back. Damn I dislike these types, but you know..he’s a friend, so I let it slide. I just end up joking with Huy haha. Thing is, he loves it when people rides his nuts and compliments him on his looks and what not. This is exactly what Truong does to him. Truong caters to him. Says shit like, Oh..Kevin gets all the bitches. Dude has game!!! And of course, Kevin gets excited over this and smiles every second because someone says he can get all the bitches due to his looks. I mean, the guy fulfills a lot of girl’s checklists lol. He’s tall, light skinned, not bad looking and that’s about it. He’s probably the better looking one of out the group, so yea, Truong takes notice and says that to him.

Huy and myself on the other hand, we joke on him and he doesn’t take it too kindly lol. BUT!, I learned to stop hurting Kevin’s feelings and just let him be. While Huy likes to push the envelope and continue hahaha, it’s funny as shit when he does it though.

And then there’s Truong. This guy is the funniest guy ever. Holy shitttttttttt.

He says nigga this, nigga that all the time. Dresses with baggy clothes like it was the 90s still, and loves listening to all the “ratchet” hip hop these days. OH, not to mention he loves “ratchet” girls. During person to person interaction, he’ll act so thug. Thing is, it’s not natural. You know someone whose ‘about that life’ and someone whose not. And when it comes to Truong, it’s just not natural, yet he still does it any way. That’s not it either, this guy has a 10PM curfew. LOL! Shit is so funny when he tries to play it off.

Lets say Kevin and I are playing games, like NBA 2K on the PS3 at Huy’s house. Well, we usually ride there together in Kevin’s car to Huy’s house right. We’ll be there from around..maybe 8PM or so and ALWAYS leave at around 9:30-9:45PM. It’ll be Kevin and myself on the PS3. Huy laying on his bed while checking the internet on his phone. Hung, Huy’s brother, playing computer games and Truong on the other computer in the room just playing songs on YouTube and reading whatever the fuck. That’s the usual hangout thing we do in Huy’s room.

Now, once this shit reaches like 9:30-9:45PM right, Truong will turn and say “lets go home..I’m tired/sleepy.” It’s always one of those excuses. I say excuses because they are! HAHA. This dude has a 10PM curfew holy shit, he HAS to be home by 10, always. I believe he gets bitched at by his parents if he’s not in by 10PM. I mean, I understand but holy shit dude you’re 24 years old, I think it’s okay for you to be out a bit later than 10 man. C’mon son. So he gives these excuses right, we all say alright and go home. Thing is, it’ll be like 11:45PM and this guy is still on Facebook posting some gay ass e-cards both on FB and Instagram. LOL. Dude, I thought you were sleepy, why you still awake?

Now this isn’t the only time. It’ll maybe be..lets say, we’re out to eat and we finish around 9:50PM right? Night is still young.. this guy is the first to speak, alright guys lets call it a night. We all know this guy has to be home by 10, so we don’t bother saying anything else. Not to mention I remember this one time we all went to the club together for once, this guy thought the club ends at 11PM. LOL DUDE HAHAHA, shit barely starts at 11PM. Himself and Kevin end up calling a friend to come scoop themselves up and go home at 10:30PM. This shit is really sad.

This wouldn’t bug as much, but it’s just the front he puts up. Like on Instagram, he’ll put some bullshit hashtags such as, #thuglife #likeabawse on the most soft hearted pictures. It’s like, please just stop man just stop. Stop saying nigga this nigga that if you gotta be home by 10PM. It’s just not right haha.

With all of that said, Huy and I spoke about all the above and we agree..those two are some weird ass fools. And that we should cut them off and stop putting in any effort to get the group going again. Tonight was kind of the last straw. Kevin hit me up so I can fix his car last night, I agreed to do it tonight. As long as he provided the tools and parts. See, he told me he got quotes of $500 to complete this job, but when I agreed to do it, he never told me about any type of compensation for my labor or anything. I mean, in my mind I was already going to say no to anything he offered, because I really wanted to fix his car out of friendship. But I just wanted to see where his head is at and where his heart is LOL. Damn that sounded weak, but still, you know what I mean.

So we go to Truong’s house since his garage has lighting and I start going to work on Kevin’s car. I tell Kevin, “Hey man, you should hit up the other two to see what they’re up to.” Kevin says, “Oh, I didn’t think we need more than just us to fix this.” In my mind, I was like wow… A regular guy would maybe say or think, Yea you know, I should hit them up so we can keep each other company or just hang out like buds. But nope, this guy just didn’t care.

There was also a moment where Kevin had to run back home to go grab a tool that we needed. Since he lived down the street, he ran down to his house. During this moment, I was alone in the garage with Truong. All Truong did was sit on his ass and was on his laptop while I was taking bolts off the car. This dude never once spoke to me. At that moment, I was really in awe and gave conclusion to my questions if these guys really cared about myself or Huy/Thomas. I personally don’t think they do. And of course I told Huy about this, he said fuck them lol. And I believe he’s right. As much as I want to patch things up, things aren’t really the same anymore. These guys have distanced themselves from us, so why should we put any MORE effort to tighten the group up.

As for effort from myself and Huy, we ALWAYS invited these two guys to any activities that we’d do. Such as eating out with new people or just eating in general. We knew Truong couldn’t go nor did he want to because he doesn’t drink, but we always invited him and Kevin to the nights that we go out to drink and party regardless. Thing is, we never received any answers. On our Facebook messages it’ll always say, “Seen by Kevin, Truong” but not once do we ever receive a response. I mean, Huy and I are fine with that.. But this is where it gets to us. This has happened a few times, but we ask these two guys if they want to go eat such and such. Few minutes later, message is seen by both of them, no response. Give it about an hour later, you check Instagram and you see these two are out eating together. What kind of shit is that?

Word count – 3345.

So yes, I probably do sound butthurt right now, but eh. Fuck it haha. I want to get this out on my blog so maybe some time I can come back and read this. We planned on going to Vegas in January, but I’m not sure if it’s still going down because of this. Huy and I are still down, not sure about the other two.

Now that I have THAT behind, let me talk about my new found friendship with Huy and Thomas.

Man, I never thought Huy had logic in him. I always thought he didn’t care to analyze how things were and just stayed oblivious to it all. Well, he didn’t lol. He told me he started to see things and think about it too. As we spoke more and more to each other, it started hitting me that he was opening up to me. I did the same to him and we understood each other. I thought that’s how friends interact, especially close friends. See, when I ever opened up to Kevin or Truong, I never got any real response back. It was always a nod and a few words of agreement. That’s about it. When I received those responses, I immediately stopped opening up to those two.

With Huy though, we understand each other. This sounds gay, but it’s true. Close friends or even regular friends understand each other. I’m sure you know the feeling. Huy and I can joke about each other without either one’s feelings getting hurt. I remember the other night when Huy, myself and Thomas were hanging out. I told them, you know I tell you guys fuck you because I love y’all right..and not because I hate you or dislike you lol. We all shared a genuine laugh and they told me they understood. Right after, Huy cracks a joke back on myself and Thomas. At that point, it’s just a genuine good time and memory that we share together. That’s what being friends is all about.

I just never really did share that type of moment with Kevin nor Truong. Huy mentioned to me the same thing. It was never a ‘real’ moment with those guys. With Thomas and Huy, we share laughs all the time. It’s damn great. I enjoy my time with them.

One thing about us three is, we’re outgoing I guess. I mean, Thomas and I are a bit introverted, but it doesn’t hurt to socialize with new people here and there. We enjoy hanging out and meeting new people. It’s not hard really. Huy does too. It’s all good. All in all, things are great with us three and we do plan on adding more people into our circle. I have so much more shit to talk about Kevin and Truong, but eh, I believe I’ve proven enough of how fucked those two are..so no need for more explanation.

With that past us now, I’ve got to talk about parties/drinks/life. I’m starting to realize that I’m nearing the tender age of 25. That 30 is coming by real fast haha, but I’m trying to have as much fun as possible now before I can’t do it anymore. My basketball injuries are starting to remind me of how old I am and it’s a shame. I sprained my two wrists 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t healed properly. I remember when I sprained them when I was 19ish, man..gave me around 2 weeks of rest and I was good to go. During this time, I have my left wrist taped up for the past 3 weeks and still have pain. My right wrist isn’t too bad, but still in pain as well.

Not only that..I tried playing basketball last Saturday and wow, first play of the game..I sprained my left ankle. Luckily it wasn’t too hard and I was able to save myself from further damage, but still..I couldn’t even run straight haha. Then other people reminded me of my age as well. They said, “Damn man, you need to rest. You’ve got tape on your wrist, you’re limping and you’ve got knee braces on both of your knees.” LOL I didn’t realize it but man, seeing it from their perspective.. I’m pretty dinged up.

It was so sad too.. the week that I sprained my wrist. It was two weeks prior to the basketball league starting. Shit sucked ass. I had people flaking out on the team, and then I got hurt. My friend Jovi decided that we should just wait until next season. I was so pissed too.. I worked pretty hard during the weeks before my injury.. I practiced 3 nights a week and played ball on the weekends. I threw up at least 300+ shots every night as well as worked on my offhand dribbling. It was getting better and better, then I got injured.

I’ve recovered from injuries before, but now I’ve got to relearn my shots and gain some confidence back again. I mean, I could do it, but fuck it just pisses me off. So yes, hopefully we’ll be ready for next season. I just want to play one league season so I could say that I did it haha.

Another part of my life right now is partying and drinking. Mannnnn, EDC 2014 dates were announced not too long ago this week and I definitely plan on going. The plan is to meet some new people right now, make some friends and have us all go to EDC 2014. Right now, the squad is going to be myself, Huy, Thomas, Alex and Phil + his friends. You all probably don’t know who those people are, but it’s the squadron that will be raging at EDC haha. I’m sure has hell going to have a damn good time. One thing I plan to do is add girls into my circle. I’ve got a small circle of girl friends and it’s sad haha. I need more!

So we’ll see how that goes. Of course, as always, I’ll update this blog when new things are happening. Man, I can’t believe I wrote all of that. Feels real good to let it release though. I apologize for the super long read that probably has topics scattered everywhere, oh well. Sucks for you. Sucks for me too I guess..when I come back reading this shit years after I’ve written it. Should be entertaining though! Hahahahha!

I guess that’s it for now. Til next time WordPress. Bye!

- Lasty

You Lose Some…You Win Some

Hi everybody..

Its been a while since I’ve written anything in my blog. And it’s definitely not because I DON’T want to write in this, it was because I didn’t have my own computer at home so all my previous writing was at work haha. With that promotion/new position, I didn’t have time as my portfolio and work queue grew bigger and bigger. With this blog, I’ve got some great news and bad news to convey to y’all.

I’m not sure where to start, I’ll probably just mix it up. Lets see, I’m writing this at 6:01AM in the morning because I’m working on my new project that I’ve been wanting to get on for a while now. It’s my t-shirt/clothing line that I’ve been wanting to start. I’ve got the design down for a first shirt, but no thoughts on a company name or logo yet. Good thing is, I bought a laptop so I can work on this lol. I didn’t really want to buy the laptop, but figured it’d be a good purchase if I put it to good use and not for procrastinating.

Yes, you read that right.. I bought a laptop. So that means I’ll be writing on here more often than not. I also bought a new cell phone. Got myself the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I had the Note 2, great phone.., traded it for a Sony Xperia Z. I kept that phone for a while, but didn’t care for it much once the Note 3 released. I ended up selling the Xperia Z and buying the current Note 3 that I have now. Which I also use to tether T-Mobile’s 4G LTE data onto my laptop…via FoxFi app LOL. Not totally legal, but c’mon now T-Mobile, you’re really not going to allow free tether/hot-spotting? Go suck a dick.

Okay..with the great worthwhile rant behind us, lets release the real news. I got laid off last week on Oct 17th. Great huh? A month after my 2-year anniversary with the company, I get released. I guess it’s not too bad as 4 other associates were released, and 2 of them have worked there for around 6-7 years. I can’t really blame them though, that government shutdown really killed things. That shutdown really killed our clients, thus killing the workflow that would come to me. I went from working with 150ish orders per day to a gruesome 10. The day that I left, it picked up to 13.

Others were a bit disappointed, I on the other hand..already had one foot out the door. I really disliked going to work for the past 3 weeks or so. I don’t know, I really disliked my manager/ex-gf. She just makes it super ass awkward to be around and to approach. She asks me to exchange desks/cubicles with another associate so I can sit behind her. I knew it was because of my work performance and she wanted to keep an eye on me. But holy shit, I sit behind her..she ends up e-mailing me asking me questions any way. Like what in the fuck hoe, why don’t you just turn around and speak to me like a normal person would? Instead, this girl sends me bullshit ass e-mails.

With that said, I felt really relieved to leave the office. I was surprised a bunch of them sent me text messages and even gave me calls to ask what happened. I didn’t know I was liked that much around there hah. Had messages from people telling me the office won’t be the same without my presence, from people talking shit on the office itself. I guess I’m lucky though. I don’t have kids, I don’t have much bills, etc etc. I’m also still young, so I’ve not much to lose from that.. I can only gain from thereon.

As of now, I’m probably going to rest up and enjoy unemployment for a bit. I’ll try to do my t-shirt thing and pursue it with great effort. While it sucks knowing I’ll take a hit income wise, I also feel good that I’m not apart of the rat race anymore. Waking up early to go sit in an office for 8 hours a day and then kick myself in the head throughout the day waiting to get home.. eh, it gets old. I think it’s time to finally take control of my own hours, income and myself. Funny thing too, as I’ve always wanted an office job and that was it. Once exposed to it, I can honestly say I hate that shit.

I don’t know how people can do it for 5+ years. I guess I can answer my own question on that, money trumps everything. Even if it involves you being a zombie for the most of your time.

Moving on though..

For the past week that I haven’t been to work, I love the rest I’m getting haha. I mean, sure..I feel like a bum just staying home and not doing shit, but still. I needed it haha. I look forward to getting off my ass after this weekend though. Someone’s gotta be the bread winner in this house and it’s not really an option for me to say no. I’ve got to provide for my mom and I, and that my little cat Sippee too LOL. I feel bad though, I rest throughout the day and stay home…thus making Sippee really lazy. She just sleeps on my lap or near me. Then again, that’s probably what she does when I’m away at work.

With full thought though, one side of me wants to know and thinks it knows how to handle this lay-off. The other side of me is fearing failure right now and that I might end up doing some bullshit again. I’ve not much but to write about that so yea. That’s about it for tonight I guess.

Oh..small update on basketball. Because I just have to LOL.. I still play basketball til this day. It’s been what, 3 years since I’ve started to play? Now I’m starting to get serious and work on everything. From ball handling, shot practice, defense and stamina. I really need to work on my body though. I need to be stronger in order to handle bigger/stronger players. I feel the age kicking in though.. I’m almost hitting 25 and my knees are starting to hurt after games. Usually I can come home, let my legs rest, be pain-free within a few hours. Now the pain lingers around much longer.. Kind of sucks, but oh well. I’m currently playing with knee braces and calve braces as well. Hopefully it prolongs my weekend-warrior basketball career.

Reason for me being more serious with the game is because I’m going to finally play in an organized league. Friend and I have always wanted to do it and we finally got some people to play with..so it’s great. I’m praying we can last or win one game LOL. Shit is going to be crazy, I’m just hoping for the best.

That should be it though, until next time.. Thanks for reading.

- Lasty

Ex-Girlfriend Part 3 – New Girl – Work – Jail – Etc.

Hi everyone!

So lets see…

I’ve been busy with work as of late. Hence the lack of updates. Good thing I didn’t promise much from my previous entry, just things that happened with ex-gf and such right? Well, not much as changed, she’s still acting a bit strange with me and all. I also met someone new the other night, I don’t think anything’s solid though haha.

Lets just say, the past few weeks have been a bit hectic.

Other than that, lets begin though.

Lisa and I.. eh. Somehow she came back into my life and things have been odd. She tells me she has a crush on a certain gentleman, but then tries to sweet talk me at the same time. Not to mention the one night where I picked her up at around 3-4AM so she could come sleep over and fuck. It was so weird haha. I went bar hopping that night with some friends for a birthday celebration of a friend’s friend.

While standing and waiting for my drink from the bartender, Lisa gave me a call and I was surprised I even felt the vibration. I picked up and I told her I’d call her back later. She called around 12-1AM or so..I wasn’t too sure. So yes, I told her I’d call her back and sure enough.. I did. I asked her if she wanted me to come pick her up, she said yes and at this point I already knew it was a booty call.


We didn’t smash that night. She just wanted to play too much. She’d rub her ass on my dick and grind on me while we’re in bed. Next thing you know she sits on top of me and says, “Lasty, you know we can’t fuck right?” I said replied with, “Don’t worry about it.”

She thought that the idea of us not fucking would kill my night, but really..I was tired and the sun was coming up. So all I wanted to do was go to sleep, with a boner. LOL. So she goes back down, we fall asleep. And I’m not gonna lie, it felt nice to sleep in bed while holding onto someone.

One thing though, before I went to sleep I took a look at the clock and noticed it was like 5:55AM LOL. I was like shit, I gotta get up to play ball next morning. So I set an alarm on my phone and slipped it right under my pillow LOL!

An hour pasts by, my alarm is going off. I wake up, change and tell that I gotta head off to play ball. She gives me this WTF face, then falls back to sleep. I was like, uh yea I’m not staying around haha. I end up heading out to the basketball courts and return around 9:30AM. I take a shower then jump in bed with her. Take note, at this point..I’m sleepy as shit! Really tired from ball and lack of sleep, but alas..she wakes up to bug me.

She gets closer to me, opens her phone up and starts playing Texas Hold’em Poker. I did some small talk with her and told her I’m going to sleep ’cause I’m really tired. She put her phone down and resumed from where she left off a couple hours ago. Started grinding on me again, but now she started taking her clothes off. Made me grab her tits and lick her nipples. Of course, I licked and bit them softly lol.. while doing that, also played with her.

At this point she gets a bit more rowdy and eventually tells me to fuck her. She doesn’t take her panties off, but pulls it to the side and lets me slide in. I know this is fucked up, but as much as I wanted to smash, her horny facial expressions towards me wasn’t helping hahaha. It was just…weird to say the least.

Well I’m smashing and pounding her with my 5-6 years of sex experience, she’s telling me to fuck her harder, etc etc. The usual sex stuff. We switch to the infamous doggy position and I’m like yesss I don’t have to look at her haha. While that thought is going on, I’m also wanting to just finish and get it over with. So instead of holding it, I let my dick get filled with my boys. I feel my tip ready to explode pretty much and I tell her I’m gonna cum.

After a few more deep strokes in her, I pull out and cum. And yes, if you’re wondering, I had unprotected sex. :(

One thing though, I did cum on her haha. At least this time it was legit fucking and not from her stroking me. At that point I was like, give a fuck if she liked it or not, I just wanna sleep LOL. I end up getting my wish and doze off for a bit. We later wake up together around 1PM and I’m like shit she’s still here haha. I totally forgot she was still in my room. She looks at me and asks if she can go for a smoke, I said sure!! I directed her to the balcony and once she stepped outside, I called my friend. I told him to give me a call back in 5 minutes and tell me he needs me to take him somewhere. I hope you’re understanding where I’m going with this.

Lisa steps back into my room and not too long after, my friend calls LOL. Just to make a much longer story short, I ended up scooping my friend up in Lisa’s presence and then took Lisa home. Yea. I felt bad, but shit lol. I remember the words she told me after we sex’d though, “Lasty, will you still talk to me?” So in a sense, she knew I might have tried to do a hit it n quit it thing on her. Too bad I’m not THAT cold.

I still talk to her here and there. Funny thing is, whenever I talk to her, she still mentions her crush to me. I told her to just ask him out haha. And she actually did, but ended up getting friendzoned. That’s fucking crazy though. If a girl asked me out and she was decent, (Lisa is decent) I would’ve said yes haha. Pretty rare for a girl to ask a guy out any way, that dude should have felt blessed.

Moving on from Lisa..

The past few weeks have been bitter. I went to jail for violating one of my formal probation rules or whatever. A friend of mine and myself had an open container in a car, luckily we had someone else drive as well and he didn’t drink. We got caught, but I was the one that had to be taken in to see the judge. Nothing happened though, I saw a judge the next morning and got released with no jail time or anything. I was just told to pay my citation fee for the open container and not to do stupid shit again.

I remember when I got released and turned my cell phone on. I had all these text messages and voicemails haha. Coworkers were worried since the last picture on my Instagram showed that I had a bottle of King Cobra malt liquor sitting on my lap. A coworker even commented, “r u okay?”

Pretty cool that they were worried. I ended up texting my manager/ex-gf on what happened, she said oh jeez haha. All was well though.

On a good note, I met a girl last week on Saturday night at the bar. It was just her and her friend and I thought she looked cute, so why not hollar? Some dude ended up being a great wingman for me though, he started dancing with her friend and I swooped right in to her. We started dancing, doing small talk, and my oh my..she had a nice ass doe.

While doing the small talk, I just said, “Hey, you mind if I get your number?” She gave it to me, I texted it to her, she showed the text haha. It was a good feeling. I asked her if she wanted a drink, proceeded to buy her one and yea. Oh, we followed each other on Instagram as well LOL. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll go anywhere with this girl. I mean, we’ve been texting for the past few nights, but eh. My ‘game’ has been so off I don’t even know what to say besides the usual small talk.

I feel like I’m boring the shit out of her lol, just asking the usual.. “What do you do, like, etc etc.” She replies back though, so that’s a good sign. Sucks for a guy though. I wanna talk to her, but I don’t wanna feel like I’m blowing her phone up. So I’m going to go with the flow and see how it goes. If she doesn’t text back or tries to hint something, I’ll leave her alone. If she wants attention, I’ll give it to her. Nawmsayin?

So far… I know she’s a Laker’s fan, Mexican/Dutch mix, light skin, likes to play tennis/basketball, studying anthropology and some other stuff. Pretty cool lady I suppose. Just don’t think anything will happen haha.

What other stuff… uhhh oh work!

Work has been a bit stressful as of late. I’ve been getting orders that I need to rush over to clients and such. I’d be getting orders in on Wednesdays and would need them completed by Friday, sometimes Thursday. It was pretty ugly. Clients wanting 1-day turnaround times but aren’t willing to pay a high price for it. Then I have to play the devil and keep bugging people to turn reports into me. Shit was stressful but I got through it.

Other than that, we’re doing pretty good. I look forward to joining a basketball league come October, so I’ve been preparing my body for that. Lets just say, I’ve been pretty much doing me. OH! I also look forward to starting my clothing line pretty soon. Starting off small with a basic t-shirt and some fancy ass fanny pack. Yea, fanny pack. HAHA.

I’m really tired of being someone else’s bitch. I’d rather be my own boss and make my vision turn into reality. I really feel like it’s about to happen, I just need to work harder. That’s what I told myself earlier in the year, and we’re freaking 8 months into it already..almost 9 now. I feel that, as long as I have merchandise ready to sell by December, I’m off to a good start. I’ve got a few friends that are ready to support my work, so I’m very excited about that.

One more thing. Can’t wait for Vegas coming January. I’m ready to work hard then play hard.

That should be it. Until next time, bye! Thanks for reading. Oh, and hi Nary. Congratulations! :)

- Lasty

Ex-Girlfriend. Stalker. Crazy. Part 2.

Hi everyone.

Bit of a slow day today at work, I’ve got an hour and 15 minutes to write something before I get to clock out. A bit less than that if my manager gives me something to work on hah. I should be free for the most part though. I had a bit of a wild weekend this past Fri-Sat. I saw my ex-girlfriend’s mom (not the one I’m writing about) + woke up with a mean hangover and still had my shoes on in bed LOL.

So.. lets start from where I left off.

I had three girls in the circle of interest right. Lisa, May and Kim. Well, not too long after I met Kim, I added in a 4th option into that circle of interest. Her name was Christina. How did I meet her? I met her through a best friend of mine whom lived in San Diego. At the time, he was in a long distance relationship with a girl out in the Bay Area. Funny, I ended up doing something similar ey?

Well, my friend found out that girl was cheating on him and he tried to work things out. At the same time, he was losing interest and started talking to this girl that lived out near me, in Anaheim. Her name’s Sandra and ugh, at one point I disliked this girl pretty damn bad. Enough to call her a bitch. Hell, her MySpace said “Call me a bitch, I take it as a compliment” or something along those lines. Yea, MySpace. That’s how old this story is LOL.

There I have it, 4 girls. But I didn’t get to meet the 4th girl until later though. This is what happened…

One day, I woke up and said.. I give up. I’m not going to school anymore. I just felt that I wasn’t the type for school. I felt that I didn’t want to put any effort into my education and decided to just not go. Yup. So I just stayed home, enjoyed sleeping in for the day. Now you might ask, how did your parents react? Well, I only live with my mom as my dad decided not to come along for the journey. I’ve no brothers or sisters so yes, I could get away with many things.

As my mom was away working, I stayed home.. Around 2PM or so it was, I get a call from Lisa asking me why I didn’t show up to school that day. I told her I just didn’t feel like going and is probably gonna stay home. She begins to call me bad and asks if she could come over as she doesn’t feel like going to ROP class today either.

Not too long after, she ends up arriving at my house and joins me on the floor. See, my apartment home is (and still is) a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom complex. My mom had the bedroom, and I slept in the living room. ¬†Our living room is pretty huge, so we’re able to have a love seat + 3-seater sofa/couch there with bed space for me as well. And my bed happened to be the floor with blankets haha.

So Lisa joins me on the floor and she asked again why I didn’t go. I told her I think I’m just gonna drop out of high school. She gives me some sigh, asks what the sole reason was, etc. Pretty much exaggerating that she cares. She probably did care, who knows haha. I remember this part as clear as day also. As she turned her back towards me, she grabbed my arm and had me wrap it around her. Not only that, she backed her butt up against me.

It felt good, so I wrapped my right leg over her. At this point, we’re pretty close and snuggling nicely. For some reason, this girl… uhhh.. whenever I would push up on her, she’d let out a moan. Eventually, I pop a boner hahahaha! She says, “Is that what I think it is?” I say, “Mmmm, yea, it is.” HAHAHA. She proceeds to bring her hand back and grab onto my dick right, then starts stroking me.

Now, I don’t know if she’s a virgin or not.. but she did it like she knew what she was doing. I’m guessing she wasn’t. Her bestfriend/ex-boyfriend probably smashed that for a good minute. Well, being the virgin I am..I question myself and start telling myself..maybe I should touch her too! LOL! Holy shit I’m laughing so hard while typing this out.

Take note, I’ve never touched a girl sexually like this before. Only thing that comes close was watching porn. So shit you know, I tried to do what them porn videos did and rub at her clit, wherever it was. LOL! This is the part where I’ll never forget for the rest of my entire life. Right before my hand reached down and touched her, she tells me.. “I’m sorry that it’s so hairy down there.”

I paused, said it’s okay and started the motion. During then, it was whatever. But when I think about it now, EL OH EL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So she’s still stroking me and I’m rubbing her. I didn’t even know where the vaginal hole existed, so I never got my finger in her or anything. I just rubbed her good. And obviously, I was excited as hell to be touched by a girl for the first time in my life. I happened to jizz a nice load right on her thighs haha. We clean up, she gets to see my flat butt, etc.

We go back to laying down on the floor, behind the couch. And next thing you know, there’s a knock on the door. Right there and then my heart started beating hard as shit. I raise my head up a bit right behind the couch to take a peek out the window, yes..my blinds were open. Low and behold… I see someone short. I see someone with long hair. Took not more than a nanosecond, I knew it was May.

She was at my door knocking. I told Lisa that it was May and she started panicking as well LOL. Well, the knocking eventually stopped and May went downstairs. I told Lisa to hide in my mom’s bedroom ’cause I’m gonna open the door. Funny thing is, after I saw May go downstairs, I went to the windows and closed the blinds.. Like that’d do anything at all. LOL.

Lisa ends up hiding in the bedroom, I put my shorts on and go to open the door and act like I just woke up. She sees me and comes back upstairs, proceeds to ask why I’m home. I told her I didn’t feel like going to my class today. -

Now..I’m not sure if I noted it or not in the previous blog entry. But May would pick me up after my ROP class/intern. I was interning at a Bank of America for my ROP class. So yea.., it was a bit mysterious to her as to why I wasn’t there I guess.

Continuing -

She tells me, well..I kind of locked my keys in the car. I told her that I’ll help her out, told her to go out to her car and I’ll bring some tools to maybe unlock the door. In my head, I already knew my flat head screwdriver was gonna do jack shit to open a car door LOL. She proceeded to go downstairs and out to where her car was parked. With this, I blew a huge sigh or relief. I then ran back to Lisa, I told her the situation. Lisa then told me she really liked me and I told her I liked her a lot too. I then told her I made up my mind and I want her. Right after, I asked her to be my girlfriend HAHAHA. She replied with a yes!

At that point, my heart was beating faster and faster. Not to mention I was damn excited that Lisa’s my girlfriend now! Although one problem, we’re not totally out of the clear yet. I asked Lisa if she could walk home this one time, and I’ll talk with her later. Not only that, I asked her to leave 5 minutes after I leave the house, so we won’t be walking out the door together.

So I grab my screwdriver, kiss Lisa and head out the door towards the front of the apartments. Luckily, May parked her car away from the front gate. As I was ‘trying’ to unlock the car door, I take a look at the front gate and spot Lisa walking at a fast pace. She didn’t care to take a look over towards my direction, which was fine.. I wasn’t planning on waving bye any way. Didn’t want May to notice, y’know?

As Lisa walks away, I told May..I don’t think there’s anything we can do right now. Except, maybe wait for my mom to get home. After that, I don’t remember the details of what happened. Although I do remember talking to Kim later that night through AIM. For some reason when I called Lisa, she didn’t pick up nor did she give me a call. So yea, Kim was a bit of an outlet for me.

I still had interest in her too haha. While I was talking to Kim though, I was also talking to my buddy. He said he broke up with his Bay Area girl and is gonna be coming up to Orange County next weekend. I told him yea that sounds dope, he could crash at my place if he chooses. Interesting part about this is, the weekend he was going to come up, there was a paintball event that’s held every year in Huntington Beach that I usually attend.

And yes, Kim lives in Huntington Beach.. sooooo, I invited my friend Chuck if he wanted to go. He agreed to do so.

So the week pasts by, I get nothing from Lisa, I guess that was it haha. I wasn’t so sad about this though, as I was starting to get more and more interested in Kim. And May kind of started ignoring me after the incident where she came to my house to knock, to find me ‘sleepy.’ I kind of just cut ties with Lisa and May I guess.

Kind of unfortunate, as May and I had some cool stuff going. Recently, I found a notebook that we’d write in and give each other after writing an entry. She’d take it with her to school and write something, I’d take it from her and then write something, etc. We tried filling it out. Some sweet stuff was written in there.. oddly enough, I decided to keep it.

Back to the Kim topic though. So I told Kim I was coming to meet her with a friend of mine. We ended up meeting that Saturday morning for the paintball event and got to meet each other for a bit. She ended up being a bit weird in person, but still cool. Just seemed a bit too ‘spoiled’ for me. She had a Lexus, some money, etc. Products that I didn’t even know about haha. She was wearing Rainbow sandals and made it like it was a big deal, while I had some sandals I got from the local temple LOL.

Any way, we had a good time that Saturday, I told her maybe I’ll meet up with her again next week. After the paintball event, I left back to my house to meet up with my buddy Joee. So Joee arrives at my place from San Diego, and we head out to Buena Park/Anaheim area – where this girl Sandra lives. We headed out to Buena Park mall to meet up with Sandra and her little sister. No no, her younger sister wasn’t my age or anything haha, so nothing happened there.

Us 4 just ended up walking around the mall. I kind of just joked around with Sandra’s younger sister so the other two could do their thing. That night ended on a ehhh type of note. I pretty much just went there to make sure Joee had company and to meet Sandra and co.

Joee ended up dropping me off, and he stayed over at a house that his parent’s stayed at, since his parents were in the area as well. He ended up going home that weekend, but we stayed in contact via AIM. What later happens is, he tells me that he’s gonna come back up again next weekend but one thing.. Sandra has a cousin is looking. LOL!

As any curious 17yr old, I’m asking to see pictures. He provides some pictures, AND her screen name. Having those two were some very very big things haha. The good part was, I wasn’t the only one interested, she new of me as well. So we talked through AIM, and then started to converse via phone. We’d talk late to laaate nights. I’d lay down on my floor, she’d be in the garage so she’d be able to get away from her family.

It was some wild stuff haha. We ended up talking for the week and knew we would be meeting each other that weekend. Joee came up to my house Friday night and ended up sleeping over. On Saturday morning, we both headed out to see the girls. And yup. I got to meet her.

Since this story isn’t about her.., and is about crazy ex. Here’s some cliffs.

Cliffs -
– I asked her out the same night we met.
– She said yes.
– Our relationship lasted 5 years.
– I think she’s with a Black guy now.
– From Asian to Black. :crie everytime:

Any who.. Lisa DID end up calling me back a few weeks after Christina and myself started dating. She did found out that I was dating Christina, but didn’t show any emotion. I guess because.. she was back with her ex-BF. Although, she did have me drive her to school once and tried kissing me before getting out the car. LOL. Did I do it? Nah. Just didn’t feel good.

But yes. For the most part, that’s the back story between Lisa and myself. On the next part, I’ll let y’all know what has been happening as of recent between Lisa and I. She’s been a bit wild. I’m starting to get annoyed. :X

See yall!

- Lasty.